Complete Double Seven Summits Puncak Jaya

Double Seven Summits Success 

Mr. Takayasu Senba is a climber from Japan, he is our client since he joined the international expedition in November 2014 with access  trekking to Carstensz Pyramid 100% successful.

carstensz top
carstensz top
On top of Carstensz Pyramid
with the international group

The second time he came to make climb to the peak of Jaya Wijaya (the second highest after Carstensz Pyramid) in May 2018. Still he was not satisfied with the achievement of the peak, because he saw that there was a higher peak the peak namely the Puncak Soemantri. He tried to climb to the top of Soemantri but it didn’t work because the weather and time were no longer possible and finally decided to return.

This year 2019 He come again with the aim of Soemantri peak with helicopter access and he success on June 17, 2019. He completed the second seven summit in the world.

Jaya Peak
Puncak Jaya wijaya

                   With the Guide Hatta on Top of Jaya Peak

Soemantri Peak
Soemantri Peak

Here is the Summits list of Mr. Takayasu senba

Complete 7 summits

continent Mountain name High summit time
Africa Kilimanjaro (Kibo) 5.895 m 4/2/2014
North America Denali 6.168 m 6/28/2014
Europe Elbrus 5642 m 9//11/2014
Oceania Carstensz Pyramid 4884 m 12/3/2014
Antartica Vinson Massif 4892 m 1/15/2015
South America Aconcagua 6962 m 2/3/2015
Asia Everest 8.848 m 5/13/2016

Complete 7 second Summits

South America Ojos Del Salado 6893 m 1/15/2017
Africa Mt. Kenya 5199 m 2/23/2017
Asia K2 8611 m 7/22/2018
Europe Dykh-Tau 5205 m 9/6/2018
Antarctica Mt. Tyree 4852 m 1/14/2019
North America Mt. Logan 5959 m 5/21/2019
Oceania Soemantry Peak 4870 m 6/17/2019
I just climbed Sumantri(4,870m) of Papua island.
We could not use classic route to climbed it, due to the rapid melting of glacier. So it took time to develop the new route for summit.
Rain kept falling and hit the contingency of my expedition schedule.So I really worries if I could or not…


I’m really happy to inform all of my friends that I just completed my “Double Seven Summits” project with my recent climbing of Sumantri.
I climbed all of 7 Summits and 7 Second Summits in five years.
Double Seven Summits was already achieved by Mr. Stangl at 2013, So I’m the second position who acheived it.
I really appriciate a lot of support I got from my friends for a long time.


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