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Trekking carstensz pyramid expedition, until now it is still closed to foreign and local climbers because of the security situation.
we will inform you if it has been opened.

Come Climb to Carstensz Pyramid in Papua – Indonesia.
We offer a fixed departure date for expediting Carstensz Pyramid either with Helicopter access or access with Trekking with world-class services supported by our years of experience in the Climbing Service Industry in Indonesia.

We appreciate your feedback and hope to hear from you. You will come with a smile and go with a bigger one and that is our guarantee.


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past the tree bridge

Ebbay Camp



Day 1 > Arrival in Denpasar/Bali

Transfer to a hotel near the airport. Bali is well worth a visit, not least because of its charming atmosphere, sunny weather and sandy beaches. We’ll enjoy the place and explore some of its many sights. Overnight stay at a hotel.

Day 2 > Flight To Timika/Papua

Shortly after midnight flight to Timika/Papua with Garuda Indonesia

A 3-hour flight will bring us to Timika, a small but nevertheless important city. It is the supply point of the Grasberg Mine. This makes it the workplace of many people, which is why Garuda Indonesia offer direct flights to Timika. Here, we’ll make last preparations for the expedition. Overnight stay at a hotel.


Day 3 > Flight Timika (80m)–Sugapa (2244m)–Suanggama (2018m)

We’ll fly across the seemingly impenetrable Papuan rainforest, which gives us the change to inspect it from above and take in its vastness – we’ll explore it on foot soon enough! Upon landing on the bumpy runway, we are sure to be greeted by many curious spectators. We’ll continue as soon as possible, on the back seat of a motorcycle. During the first stretch up to the bridge, which 2011 was still in construction, we might well be stopped by local landowners demanding payment for crossing their land. After some discussing and besoothing, however, we should be able to continue on our way. The end of our adventurous drive is our camp in Suanggama. Flight time: 1h; driving time: 1 h.

Day 4 > Suanggama (2018m)–Salt Factory camp (2380m)

From Suanggama, the last village, we’ll descend down to the river. More or less following the course of the river, we are at times high above it, at times very close to it. We’ll pass a house (Salt Factory) at a small bridge, from where on we’ll continue for another 2 hours to our camp site in the middle of the jungle. Chances for rain are very high, after all, we are in the deepest rainforest. Thus, good preparation and planning at Suanggama are very important. Ascent: 970 m/ descent: 660 m; distance: 15.50 km; hiking time: 6-8 hrs.

Day 5 > Salt Factory camp (2380m)–Indisaga camp (3230m)

This will be the most strenuous of all our trekking days! Our path still leads through the rainforest, sometimes over, sometimes under the large rootes, around mud parches, then again straight through the next one – a proper jungle! Swinging through it on vines might be less exhausting… After the Salt Factory camp, our path first ascends steeply, the goes up, down and steeply up again, until we reach a small camp (Blind’s camp). Though it may seem as if the Indisaga camp were closeby as well, that’s sadly not true! We’ll be climbing through the steep rainforest for another 2-3 hours. At 3200m, just shortly before our camp, the rainforest suddenly ends. A large clearing follows, which is where we’ll set up our camp. Ascent: 1115 m/ descent: 275 m; distance: 17.00 km; hiking time: 8-10 hrs.

Day 6 > Indisaga camp (3230m)–Ebay camp (3584 m)

The first hour of our trek will lead through light, open forest to the next plane and finally up to the ridge, which separates the first valley from “our” valley, where part of our route will lead through. Following the ridge for 2-3 hours, we’ll reach our penultimate camp after a short descent. Ascent: 760m/ descent: 420m; distance: 11.01km; hiking time: 6-7 hrs.

Day 7 > Ebay camp (3584m)–Nasidome (3734m)

We’ll descend into the beautiful valley. The wild landscape here will take us back millions of years, to a time when ancient beasts roamed the vast forests… Reaching the riverbank, we’ll cross the river on a natural stone bridge. On top of the next ridge, we’ll meet up with the other route option (via Illaga). We’ll wade through swampland and shortly reach the last camp before base camp and the New Zealand pass. Ascent: 780m/ descent: 630m; distance: 13.00km; hiking time: 6-7 hrs.

Day 8 > Nasidome (3734m)–New Zealand pass–Base Camp (4273m)

The most difficult part of this section is the New Zealand pass (you could use the plural form here, since it is actually several passes following each other). There’s a 50 metre long climbing passage which may be quite difficult on a rainy day. Once we’ll have mastered it, we’ll descend to the base camp at the foot of the Carstensz Pyramid. Ascent: 920m/ descent: 350m; distance: 8.64km; hiking time: 6-7 hrs.

Day 9 > Ascent of the Carstensz Pyramid (4884m)

Early morning after breakfast (approximately 02.00 am) start to wall carstensz pyramid, and let’s dance on carstensz wall. The climbing track has been fixed ropes from bottom to the top, you just put the jummer tool and push the jummer to add step up.
You will pass the bridge cable (previously tyrolian). Arriving at the top is usually at 9 or 10 am (please enjoy the natural scenery from the top of carstensz pyramid and do not forget to capture yourself).

Day 13-14 > Hike back from base camp–Illaga or Supaga

We will take the same way as on the walk in. Knowing it already, we should be quicker on the journey back so that we can save one day.

Day 14 > Flight Illaga or Sugapa–Nabire or Timika–Denpasar

Today, we’ll fly via Timika back to Bali. We’ll be brought to our hotel, where we can relax, drinking a toast to our hard but wonderful travel. Overnight stay at a hotel.

Day 15 > Flight back

We’ll enjoy a few last hours in Bali in the morning before leaving for the airport in the late afternoon.

Day 16-17- Reserve day for bad weather or delayed flight etc.

Landing Sugapa

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